Help for demanding and sensitive scalps

Scalp itch and redness, dryness, taut sensations – more and more people suffer from sensitive scalps that react to environmental irritants or certain substances.

The Hypo-Sensitive line is designed specifically for these people. Therefore, the surfactant base of the shampoos uses particularly mild substances that do not additionally weaken the skin barrier during hair washing but support its regeneration and build up moisture reserves. Apart from the particularly gentle surfactant formula, the shampoos contain neither fragrances nor dyes or preservatives. These are usually well tolerated but can unnecessarily stress the skin and increase sensitivity in people with a weakened skin barrier.

The scalp's condition is determined by external and internal risk factors:

External risk factors include e.g.:
stress, environmental impacts, heat and dirt in the workplace.

Internal risk factors include e.g.:
A genetic predisposition, hormones, a weakened skin barrier, aging processes, concomitant symptoms of diseases or side effects of medication.

With increasing age, natural protective mechanisms and the scalp's regeneration are deteriorating. Especially the scalps of older people become thinner and drier over time, so that need-oriented scalp hygiene will become necessary.